Engagement: Your primary staff retention strategy

If you want to hang on to your best staff, you need a staff retention strategy with a strong focus on employee engagement improvement. 

From onboarding to exit interviews, employee recognition to Continued Professional Development, your staff engagement ideas should go beyond newsletters, emails and generic briefings.

Investing in a staff retention strategy that inspires a culture of trust, belonging and purpose and engages with your people is a surefire way to retain the best talent and prevent the loss of valuable experience and expertise.

Culture can be a difficult word to get to grips with. But the impact it has is clear,  with employee turnover rates of below 14% boasted by businesses with great culture, versus nearly 50% when a company’s culture is poor.

Here’s how we can help you to hang on to your best staff:

A top-to-bottom business audit designed to achieve significant increases in performance through organisational culture change

We specialise in bespoke EVP packages driven by a company’s culture, giving you a meaningful way to improve engagement

As an accredited distributor of the world-renowned psychometric workshops, we can build stronger, longer lasting working relationships 

Live and interactive online workshops for up to 300 employees at a time


Collaborating Cultures is our exciting collaboration with Colab Creation to provide modern solutions to training, development and performance challenges.

If you need to do things differently there's one sure way to keep people on board.

Now is the perfect time to help your people to better understand their own needs

It's not the strongest who survive, it's the ones most adaptable to change.