Quickdeck: Hands off workload, hands on wellbeing

Quickdeck: Hands off workload, hands on wellbeing

Now is not the time to measure the hours that our people spend at their desks.

Redundancies and restructures are inevitable in challenging circumstances, but it’s critical that we take care of those who stay with us.

People power our businesses, but right now they’ll be feeling vulnerable, under pressure and face new responsibilities.

So here's some ideas for caring for your people:


Together with Emily Allen, Head of People at leading accountancy firm Cooper Parry, we’ve compiled some simple tips to help get you started.

Find the right structure that supports people to make decisions with confidence.

How to provide clarity:
    • Use regular 121s to set clear objectives, protocols and agree how to measure what really matters


    • Put working practices into place that are sensible, supportive and straightforward


    • Emily says: “We have a Work From Anywhere, Anytime, Forever approach – which is exactly as it sounds.”


    • “We also encourage people not to send emails after 7pm and before 7am.”


Understand the critical rule of comms – silence isn’t golden.

How to provide communication:
    • Focus the purpose of your communications on the demands of remote and flexible working (e.g. don’t just use posters or intranet)


    • Provide opportunities for people to stay connected with colleagues, not just leaders


    • Emily says: “We do surveys where we ask people to rate their week and tell us what would improve it.”


    • “We also have a regular group video call for parents to share hints and tips.”


Your goal right now should be to assist your people in finding the right balance for them.

How to provide guidance:
    • Be aware that each person may have a different need, and might benefit from a different solution


    • Make opportunities available for personal development and self-awareness, which can have lasting positive impact


    • Emily says: “We are providing webinars around mental health, change, nutrition and sessions on yoga and Laughter-cise.”


    • “We use a platform called Powr which encourages online learning that isn’t always work related.”


Are you a leader of people?

Emily’s brilliant suggestions were first shared with members of our Culturev8te Business Lab.

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