Quickdeck: Ask, Listen and Involve to clear the way for change

Quickdeck: Ask, Listen and Involve to clear the way for change

If you need to do things differently there’s one sure way to keep people onboard.

Flexible work arrangements. Different shift patterns. New office environments.

When it comes to making changes in your business, adapting together works better.

Especially if you’re looking to clear the way to fundamental changes to employee contracts.

Ask people. Listen to them. Involve them.

Here's how Culturev8te can help you make a change:


Different work patterns might make sense for staff returning after the disruption of lockdown.

Culturev8te’s 8 Steps to Change Culture provides a tried and tested structure that establishes what needs to change and why.

What to remember when planning a change:
    • Flexibility requires clarity, so people need to know what you want to achieve

    • You should never change people’s working conditions (this includes flexible attendance) without their agreement

    • Shared understanding of the purpose and goal of a change is vital for a successful consultation


Begin the consultation by sharing your ‘Why’ and your vision for the changes with people – this is the ASK.

What to remember when proposing a change:
    • Transparency builds trust, so be up front about what’s negotiable and what isn’t, or you risk creating confusion

    • Make sure that people understand that final decisions will not be made without their input (or be honest if some will)

    • Culturev8te’s process includes guidance on how to ask and what you should be asking of your people 


Consulting with people means hearing what they have to say – it all starts with LISTENING.

What to remember when reflecting on change:
    • Conversation builds belonging, but it has to be a two-way-street where both sides talk as well as listen

    • To preserve a sense of community, your people need to know that their voice counts for something

    • A core focus of Culturev8te’s 8 Steps is building better communication, recognition and engagement in the workplace 


Staff who can help to shape and influence the changes will be far more engaged with the results – this is why you INVOLVE.

What to remember when implementing a change:
    • Unity builds purpose, and shared purpose is the only reliable way to ensure the changes you make will have real impact (and be followed)

    • Listening to people is making them a promise that you’ll respect their words – even if you disagree with what they say

    • Our programmes are built around Insights Discovery personality profiling because they help you understand how best to involve your people


Are you about to make a change?

Empower your people and improve your chances of success by remembering to Ask, Listen and Involve.

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