Quickdeck: Leadership can be taught

Quickdeck: Leadership can be taught

The bad news: Most managers aren’t trained.

But here’s the good news:

Everything that makes an effective leader can be learned.

We’re experts in turning managers into leaders.

(And why does that matter? Find out how good leaders make your life better)

Here's what your people can expect from Culturev8te's flexible training:


We begin with Emotional Intelligence.

Good leaders know their own needs, strengths and motivations.

That’s why we deliver a detailed Insights Discovery personality profile.

Managers who understand themselves can become real leaders.


Each individual in a team has their own needs that can’t be ignored.

A self-aware leader has the right skills to understand everyone else.

We help managers develop the skills and empathy behind real leadership.


What does a high performing team look like?

Leaders that can answer this question are more likely to succeed.

We help managers identify existing strengths and weaknesses in a team.

Then we show them how to bring everyone together.


Too many training courses provide textbooks but no practical tips.

Leaders need demonstrations of how to put their skills into action.

We help managers practice effective leadership with their new knowledge.


Managers still need support after their leadership training is over.

We provide weekly coaching calls to help with what comes next.

From reviewing achievements to setting targets, it’s about momentum.

Extra support is available for 12 months after each course.


Once the right leadership is in place, you can focus on raising the bar.

Our Insights Discovery profiling can give sales teams a significant boost.

Selling is about good communication, and that takes understanding.

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