Quickdeck: Liberate your Managers to create Leaders

Quickdeck: Liberate your Managers to create Leaders

Change is upon us, and it’s not the strongest that survive. 

It’s the ones who are most adaptable to change.

We’re going to get through this, but to thrive we need leaders, not managers.

Are your senior people capable of handling leadership challenges?

Here's a pre-launch sequence to get your people ready for liftoff:


I regularly meet people in management who have never received the right training.

What to remember when building foundations:
    • Struggling managers need empowerment, and fast, in order to understand the value they can provide


    • Leaders are created when we build people up with better knowledge of their own strengths


    • A foundation of self-awareness enables leaders to better understand what they should be asking of their teams


Management training should always connect people with the ‘why’ of a business

What to remember when building connections:
    • It’s essential that all the people in senior roles share the same values and are guided by them 


    • Those in leadership positions should be equipped with the knowledge and support to embody the long-term vision


    • Connecting management to the purpose that drives a business is what makes and inspires the best decisions 


Effective management isn’t a talent. It’s a technique that uses tried and tested tools.

What to remember when encouraging actions:
    • The best 121s, huddles and team meetings should create people who are happy and self-managing


    • It’s critical to liberate managers from becoming trapped in day-to-day handholding practices and routines


    • Highly effective leaders and high performing teams come from purposeful application of the correct tools


Do you want leaders, not managers?

New, emerging or just overwhelmed managers get frustrated easily. This leads to poor team results and disconnection from your overall goals.

My mission is to help managers to become leaders of people, by creating the environment that cultivates a happy culture.

That’s why I provide a dedicated leadership programme on management essentials.

If you’d like to know more, just use the calendar app below and book out some time for us to talk.

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