Quickdeck: Are your managers ready to lead?

Quickdeck: Are your managers ready to lead?

You might know that leaders are responsible for the welfare of their teams. But do they?

High standards need good managers.

A team leader’s duty of care will be vital as we make a(nother) return to the office.

Here’s 4 ways to get them ready…

Here's how to prepare your managers to lead:


Staff need more than just hygiene screens and hand gel – though that will help.

Allowing people to work flexible hours without pressure will have real impact. Flexibility and understanding will be invaluable.

Action for your leaders:
    • Leaders should discuss shift patterns and preferred hours before a full return to work takes place


After 12 months of remote working, furlough or other disruptions, people will need time to adapt their lives once again.

Managers are likely to require support, in order to accept that we can’t go straight back to any kind of ‘normal’.

Action for your leaders:
    • The senior leadership need to visibly and actively support flexible working for all


We should all be on top of kitchen arrangements, toilet use and office layout.

But risk assessments are valuable to help people keep each other safe – and these need to be backed up by the behaviour of managers.

Action for your leaders:
    • HR roles should be supporting managers in carrying out workplace assessments and management, and in reinforcing these commitments


Leaders must stay open to concerns, keep people informed and be positive.

But non-verbal comms like enforcing new rules will be vital to winning people’s trust and making them feel comfortable.

Action for your leaders:
    • Senior leadership should put their name to an official policy detailing personal responsibilities


Be ready!

If your managers of people have a duty of care, then you have a duty of care for them.

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