I’ve been running polls about leadership, and these are the results

I’ve been running polls about leadership, and these are the results

This year I’ve used LinkedIn to try and understand the leadership challenges faced by businesses.

LinkedIn polls are very successful right now, and though you might be getting tired of them (there are a lot!) they can be incredibly useful.

The results of my polls tell some important stories about the obstacles we have to overcome at work.

Some headline results:


When all you’re doing is chasing one daily task after another, there’s no time to plan for the future.

And if you can’t make plans, it’s impossible to have something exciting to look forward to.


Pushing decisions closer to the client or customer is the most effective way of freeing leaders from the day to day grind.

But people need genuine support to achieve this. Senior leadership have to place trust in their managerial staff, so that managers can trust in their teams.


Wellbeing is always reported as a priority by a business, but few allow their HR teams the ability to perform more than just ‘box ticking’ exercises.

When HR staff spent almost half their time running around after people and acting as glorified reminders, they can’t make a real difference.


Paperless systems don’t have to be expensive, they don’t have to be complicated and they don’t have to create more work.

A centralised, online system that offers training, onboarding, performance management and legal document processes is easier to find than you might think.


It’s easy to say your business is People-driven, but without a recognised structure there’s no way to put that ambition into practice.

Being People-driven means being consistent, being reliable, and being able to provide a visible process that enables your people to make decisions and take actions. This is only possible with an organisational structure.


Inspiration is a lazy word. Engagement isn’t much better. Unless senior leaders provide the right support, these words are meaningless.

The good news is that managers can be taught how to lead, and can be turned into exciting leaders of people who can work without handholding.

My leadership development programme was specifically designed to help people learn the fundamentals of good leadership.


Turn your managers into leaders

I’m an expert in developing leaders of people – here’s what people can expect from my training programme:

Foundation (inc. Emotional Intelligence)

We start by helping leaders better understand their own personality, strengths and motivations

Social Awareness

Next, we develop the skills needed to understand and better relate to others

Team Development

We explore what a high performing team looks like, and what strengths and weaknesses your teams have right now

Leadership Effectiveness

We provide practical ways that leaders can be more effective using their new understanding

Coaching with Action

This hands-on approach assists leaders to get the most out of their teams through personality awareness

Selling with Immediate Impact

Finally we raise the bar of your sales team by introducing personality insights into your process for improved performance



Let’s talk about turning your managers into leaders…