Video: Better decision making through scenario mapping

Video: Better decision making through scenario mapping

Do you give your people time to consider the options?

I talk a lot about pushing decisions closer to the customer, because that’s how you free your managers to be leaders.

But how do you do that?

In this video, I provide a quick example of Scenario Mapping:

– Understanding the choices on offer

– Assessing the criteria for success (that is, what you want)

– Reviewing how each decision compares to that criteria

It’s simple, it’s easy but most of all it can be very empowering for your people, because it demonstrates you’ve given them the trust and time to learn and grow.

But best of all, it means that as a leader you can reliably move the day-to-day off your desk.

Which means you can get stuck into the exciting, big picture planning we all know we need to find more time for.


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