Insights Discovery: Engage the Team

We are an accredited distributor of the world-renowned Insights Discovery programme, a psychometric workshop-based activity that builds self-awareness and improves teamwork.

Personality profiling

Working smarter, not harder

Whatever your personality, an Insights Discovery profile can help you better understand your own needs and the needs of those around you.

This makes it the most effective tool for team development. Engage the team in their own profiles and you can identify potential blind spots of skills or perspectives, get a clearer picture of strengths and pin down any weaknesses.

Based on the work of psychologists Carl Jung and Jolande Jacobi, Insights Discovery has more than 1,500 certified practitioners worldwide and is used by hundreds of companies to improve team and individual performance.

Within a structure of four colour-coded ‘energies’, Insights Discovery provides people with a shared language to improve communication and cooperation through personal understanding and the ability to both respect and negotiate differences in personality types.

It’s a proven way of building trust and the common sense of purpose and belonging necessary to create world-class teams that work without you.

This tried-and-tested method to engage the team includes the following:

Insights Discovery Lite

Culturev8te is also equipped to deliver live and interactive 1 hour online workshops for up to 300 employees at a time.

This is an fun, self-reflective, interactive session that could capture your whole organisation at once. Your teams just need to show up – we take care of all the technical delivery needed.

With an initial understanding of individual personalities, Insights Discovery Lite is a perfect way to realign your organisation, reconnect with staff after breaks or interruptions in normal business or prepare for periods of change and challenge.

Build high performing teams

Team profiling improves decisions and makes organisations more effective and efficient.

People love working in high performing teams, and this is proven to be one of the highest factors for team engagement, even beyond pay.

Psychologist Bruce Tuckman developed a process of understanding team development that he called Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing.

The whole cycle can take years, but until your teams work through the process they won’t be performing at full potential. Discovery Insights speeds up this process, arguably enabling your people to skip Forming and Storming altogether.

The benefits of understanding within your teams are boundless, from improved resolution of conflict to awareness of stress triggers, positive outcomes from difficult conversations and better development of individuals and the entire team.

A team that knows the value that each person brings is a team that respects and trusts each other, resulting in a higher collective performance.

Leadership essentials

Our Insights Discovery leadership programme gives the structure needed to unite leaders and culture within your organisation.

There are six core modules tailored to suit top level business requirements:

Foundation (inc. Emotional Intelligence)

Helping leaders to understand their own and others personalities and motivations

Social Awareness

Demonstrating how to understand and better relate to others

Team Development

Exploring what high performing teams looks like, and existing strengths and weaknesses

Leadership Effectiveness

How leaders can be more effective using their new understanding

Coaching with Action

A hands-on approach, helping leaders get the most out of teams, through personality awareness

Selling with Immediate Impact

Raise the bar of your sales team by introducing personality insights into your sales process and team skills, for improved sales performance

The entire programme can be delivered via live remote video or in-person on site.

So what personality colour style do you think you are?

What leading colour energy do you think you are?  Have a go at this interactive video, how would you deal with the situation? and tell is what leading colour energy you think, you are?

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