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Leadership training & Insights profiling

We free business leaders like you from the demands of day-to-day decision-making.

How? By taking your managers and turning them into exciting leaders of people who can work without you.

Why? Because when everyone is happy in your business, you have the freedom to be excited about your business.

the bad news: most managers aren't leaders

But here's the good news: They can be taught!

Leadership Essentials, Management Fundamentals

Flexible training that turns managers into exciting leaders of people
  • Clear structure modular course that’s tailored to your needs
  • Evidence based – rooted in world-famous Insights Discovery profiling
  • Flexible delivery – adapted to suit the availability of your people
  • Exciting content – a blend of video, interactive, group and practical activity
  • Relevant topics – training that relates to real business challenges
  • Ongoing support – accessible coaching for 12 months 

What turns a manager into a leader?

people expect three things from great leadership:

1. Challenging and supportive

People need to be stretched to reach their potential, but they also need a leader who won’t make them do it alone.

Being approachable, providing constructive feedback and supporting people to tackle new challenges is the sort of leadership people want to see.

2. Trustworthy and trusting

If a leader has your back you feel safe. If a leader trusts your judgement you feel like you’re in control.

People want to be trusted to make decisions and have the freedom to make a positive contribution, as well as the knowledge that their manager will back them up.

3. Experience and empathy

We all admire someone who has seen it all before, but nobody likes a leader who doesn’t listen.

To become true leaders, managers need to understand their own strengths and the strengths of others, in order to build an environment where everyone feels like they belong.

Exciting leaders are a competitive advantage

When your leaders have these abilities, everyone is happier and more excited about the future. Including you.

People bring you solutions, not problems.

Teams are high performing, not high maintenance.

The business works without you.

That’s a competitive advantage you can’t put a price on.

exciting leaders Build high performing teams

Exciting leadership starts with emotional intelligence.

Discovery Insights personality profiling can improve decisions and make your business more effective and efficient.

People love to belong to an exciting, high performing team. This is proven to be one of the highest factors for team engagement, even beyond pay.

Psychologist Bruce Tuckman developed a process he called Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing.

Research proves a new team can take around 3 years to reach ‘Forming’. But Discovery Insights speeds everything up.

A team that knows the value that each person brings is a team that respects and trusts each other, resulting in a higher collective performance.

What your managers can expect

We’re experts in developing leaders of people – here’s how we do it:

Foundation (inc. Emotional Intelligence)

Helping leaders better understand their own personality, strengths and motivations

Social Awareness

Developing the skills to understand and better relate to others

Team Development

Exploring what a high performing team looks like, and what strengths and weaknesses there are right now

Leadership Effectiveness

Practical ways that leaders can be more effective using their new understanding

Coaching with Action

A hands-on approach, helping leaders get the most out of their teams through personality awareness

Selling with Immediate Impact

Raise the bar of your sales team by introducing personality insights into your process for improved performance

Our programme can be delivered in the right way for you, whether that’s fully online, in-person or as a team building event.

What's your leadership personality colour?

We’re an accredited distributor of the world-renowned Insights Discovery programme. Whatever your personality, Insights can help you better understand your own needs and the needs of those around you.

This self-awareness and emotional intelligence is the foundation to our leadership development – but what about you?

What’s your colour energy?

How do you prefer to communicate?

Use our interactive video to experience the power of Insights and get a glimpse of how we will turn your managers into leaders.

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