Quickdeck: Un-lockdown your teams with Insights Discovery Lite

Quickdeck: Un-lockdown your teams with Insights Discovery Lite

Now is the perfect time to help your people understand their needs and relationships.

People need time to adapt and settle in to new working conditions.

With a new lockdown, it’s key that leaders can motivate and energise their teams – even from a distance.

Insights Discovery personality profiling can help build teams that are resilient and work without you.

Here's how Insights Discovery Lite can help:


Insights Discovery provides a shared language for understanding personalities and respecting differences.

Insights helps leaders of teams:
    • Different people have different motivators, Insights shows leaders what each individual needs
    • Self-knowledge can bring people together, providing a base of belonging for leadership to harness
    • Better awareness helps leaders and staff to better communicate, cooperate and collaborate


Self-awareness improves the quality of every relationship we have.

Insights helps to build strong teams:
    • A key ingredient in building a culture of common purpose is clear communication, based on mutual understanding 
    • This understanding creates a bond of trust, which is essential for making people feel that they belong
    • Better self-understanding provides benefits in areas of life outside of work, improving energy and happiness


There’s never been a better (or more important) time to build a world-class team that works without you.

Insights helps to connect teams:
    • Our structured interactive personality sessions can bring together up to 300 people at a time for a shared experience
    • We can deliver virtually to leadership, senior teams or an entire workforce, giving everyone an opportunity to develop
    • With all the benefits of an in-person Insights profile, this solution demonstrates that distance doesn’t have to be isolating 


Are you ready to lead in lockdown?

Empower your remote teams with Insights Discovery Lite – use our calendar app below to book a support call.

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