Changing organisations through a company’s culture

At Culturev8te we believe the highest value is found in a human resource. Your people are what make your business successful, and if your company’s culture is right then you’ll recruit the right people, retain the right staff and attract the right customers.

We’ve been on a mission to help businesses grow through their people since 2017. We build world-class teams that share purpose, belonging and trust.

With decades of experience and expertise in Human Resources consulting and changing organisations through culture at the workplace we provide an independent perspective that can challenge the status quo, encouraging businesses and their people to think differently and innovate in their working practice.

Together with fully licensed delivery of the globally recognised Insights Discovery® programme , Culturev8te engages at every level of an organisation with a proven 8 step programme  that makes lasting and meaningful changes to improve your company’s culture.

“The best business growth strategy is investment in your people”

Andy Gallimore, Director and Owner of Culturev8te Ltd
  • Chartered Fellowship with CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personal Development)
  • 6 Sigma Green Belt Change Champion
  • MBA Human Resources Management and Personnel Administration
  • BA Hons Degree in Business Administration
  • Over 20 years experience in Human Resources

Andy Gallimore:

A Human Resource

Most of our life is spent at work, and we should spend that time feeling happy. But so many people I speak to are suffering from stress, finding it hard to sleep at night or struggle to be genuinely present with their loved ones.
Culturev8te began with a lightbulb moment: Happy people deliver. They’re positive, they seek opportunities, they work harder and smarter. Everyone wants to work with happy people. Happiness is infectious.
For nearly 20 years I worked in HR planning and operational leadership roles where I would employ coaches to help me and my teams work more effectively. I’d find inspirational trainers to impart valuable knowledge. But no one was able to provide guidance on how to build, embed or enhance my company’s culture.
Now I use my passion for culture at the workplace to unite and empower happy teams through a shared purpose, a feeling of belonging and trusted leadership.
Join my LinkedIn group for HR professionals, email me with a question or just call 07891 339774 to find out how I’m changing organisations through my belief in the value of a human resource.

Our Vision

for your company’s culture


We use our HR and Culture expertise to build world class teams of happy people that work without you.

We are HR and Culture specialists with proven experience in creating innovative, engaged teams and effective leaders driven by Purpose, Belonging and Trust.

We believe the best business growth strategy is investment in your people.