Testimonials: Organisational culture change

Spire Manchester Hospital

“It would be impossible not to reap the benefits of staff working better together, and therefore teams working better together.”

Andrew Eadsforth, Hospital Director
After experiencing difficulties with recruitment and retention, Culturv8te worked closely with Spire Manchester to engage the team in a process of organisational culture change.
As a result, Spire Manchester has enjoyed a 7% reduction in staff turnover, a 4% rise in margin and employee engagement improvement of 7%.
In the weeks following our work with Spire Manchester, the Care Quality Commission (CQC) awarded the hospital an official rating of Outstanding.


“I don’t think you could manage properly going forward without really understanding the team from the top to the bottom.”

Andy Crofts, Managing Director
Enevo is a fast-growing company providing hi-tech sensor and analytics technology to the waste management industry. It needed human resources consulting to support its team to successfully scale with the business.
As a licensed Insights Discovery practitioner, Culturev8te delivered workshop sessions and detailed employee personality profiles, establishing a common understanding and sense of belonging within Enevo’s workforce.
Culturev8te’s role also included guidance and advice to senior leaders on HR planning and business strategy, ensuring staff were engaged and involved in Enevo’s long term vision.

Repton Primary School

“Doing something different around team building was quite exciting. It got staff to open up about their own strengths and acknowledge their own weaknesses.”

Steve Tague, Head Teacher
Culturev8te is closely connected to the local community and took the opportunity of providing a free of charge Insights Discovery session to staff at Repton Primary School.
This was delivered as part of the school’s regular in-service training (INSET) schedule. Staff were given a group workshop and an individual personality profile to assist better understanding of how they worked themselves and how they might work more effectively as a team.