Download: Culturev8te’s 8 Step People Resilience Plan

Download: Culturev8te’s 8 Step People Resilience Plan

At Culturev8te we’ve developed a culture triangle made up of three critical elements: Purpose, Belonging and Trust.

If you can build these things with all your people then you’ll have a winning culture, an atmosphere and environment that encourages the best performance.

Of course it’s very easy to say, but how do you go about creating purpose, belonging or trust in a business? That’s where we come in.

Our 8 Step People Resilience Plan delivers a programme that can be tailored to suit your business, its current position and where you want to be.

You can download an example of the overall resilience plan below:

Culturev8te's 8 Step People Resilience Plan

By working through the 8 Steps you will have naturally created a winning culture, one where people are proud to work and where customers receive a level of service that they are eager to recommend.

But more than this you’ll have a robust, evidence-based process for leadership and people management that will be seen as an exemplar of best practice by governing bodies and your community.

What next?

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